Rui Nouchi, Ph. D.

e-mail: rui.nouchi.a4@tohoku.ac.jp

INTERESTS: Cognitive training, Exercise, Nutrition, Cognitive plasticity, Mental health.

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Cognitive, exercise, and nutrition interventions on cognitive Health.


Our cognitive functions decline with age. The cognitive decline makes daily behavior difficult in older adults. Previous studies demonstrated that daily intervention programs can improve cognitive functions and mental health. We investigated the benefits of new intervention programs using cognitive training, exercise, and nutrition intake. In this talk, I will talk about our recent results and ongoing projects. First, I will explain that the cognitive training improved cognitive function, QOL, and car driving performance in healthy older adults. Second, I will show the acute and long-term benefits of combination exercise with aerobic and strength training on cognitive function. Third, I will talk about the effects of the fasting on cognitive function. Finally, I will introduce our ongoing projects for neuro-feedback brain training, cognitive training with nutrition intakes, and predictions of benefits of cognitive intervention using machine learning.