Mitchell Valdés Sosa, Ph. D.

e-mail: mitchell@cneuro.edu.cu

INTERESTS: Neuroimaging, Visual Attention, Brain Computer Interface, Deep brain stimulation.

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Technological challenges of the new definition of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).

The National Institute on Aging/Alzheimer’s Association (2018) has recently announced a biological definition of AD  based on the underlying pathologic processes, which in vivo can be documented by vivo by biomarkers. This shift reflects the new to apply present and (most importantly) future interventions at the earliest possible stage of this disease. Given the massive nature of the growing AD epidemic, this means applying inexpensive, minimally-invasive, sensitive, specific and valid biomarkers to large groups of subjects, first to enable clinical trials, and subsequently as part of health care systems. Biomarkers with these characteristics are not yet available, although  several technologies are under development. In this lecture we will review currently available AD biomarkers looking at their strengths and weaknesses; examine the criteria by which future biomarkers should be assessed; and then examine present research to develop new biomarkers from the fields of molecular genetics, immunochemistry, neuroimaging and neuropsychology.