Project Goals

Project Goals

Creation of a training program for Cuban and foreign students on Neurotechnology to treat Cognitive Aging.

To reach this goal, researchers of the National Program for Neurotechnology (CNEURO, allied universities and national and foreign institutions) will achieve international research and teaching status by joint efforts with Flemish partners for the formation of PhDs/ MScs and qualified personnel. This will allow the creation of ICT technologies for the public health system in order to preserve the cognitive health for more years in aging subjects as a consequence of the developed ICT based e-Caregiver intervention.

Specific goals of the project:

Increase the academic and scientific capacities of Cuban researchers on Neurotechnology through the joint Cuban-Flemish training of PhDs and qualified personnel.

Carry out studies and researches on Neurotechnology in elderly subjects in health centers to enhance a better quality of life.

Annually Program Activities

Project Educational Program planning for the following 4 years (Program Proposal)
Year 2017
English Course 1

From the 3rd to the 20th of May 2017, the English course. MORE INFORMATION

Neuroscience Course

Postgraduate courses in Neurosciences as part of the Diploma (September 2017 to June 2018). MORE INFORMATION

Year 2018

English Course 2

In the framework of the VLIR project, specialized courses of English language at the basic and intermediate levels were developed from May 21st to June 1st 2018. MORE INFORMATION

Winter School on Neurotechnology applications on aging related to Brain Disorders

This first school will take place from Nov 26th to Dec 7th at NEURONIC, CNEURO. MORE INFORMATION

Year 2019

English Course 3

Pending activities to be done on January-March 2019.

Course in Wearable Devices and ICT

Deadline to present the Course Program for approval July 2019.

Year 2020

English Course 4

Pending activities to be done on January-March 2020.

Winter School in Aging

Deadline to present the Course Program for approval November 2020.