English Course 1

Image data: From left to right. Professor Alberto Enríque Acedo from Universidad de Oriente, and Adianez Obrador, CNEURO collaborator, conducting interviews that helped to determine the English level of the students (Student Ernesto Velarde)

From the 3rd to the 20th of May 2017, the English course «Profile 2: Academic networker» taught by Professor Alberto Enrique Acedo Bravo from the Universidad de Oriente is taking place at the Cuban Center for Neuroscience.

This course constitutes the first teaching activity within the framework of the National Cuban Project School on Neurotechnology for Cognitive Aging, which is funded by the Council of Cooperation of Flemish Universities of Belgium (VLIR-UOS).

The course involves workers from the center linked to the research-development tasks and teachers who will participate in the project, as well as other international projects and planned improvement activities.

We thank the Universidad de Oriente, certified by the VLIR-UOS for these activities, the collaboration provided in the realization of the course.

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