An ONDI workshop to think about the future

An ONDI workshop to think about the future (May 9, 2018)

Another group of activities as part of the project was attended by Tania Aznielle and Karen Aguiar Mateu.

The workshop Envejecer con calidad de vida, which has been in session for the last few days at the Che Guevara Study Center and part of the activities for the XV Design Week in Havana, has become a space where ideas and strategies converge in order to achieve, through design, an improvement in the quality of life of the elderly.

With a positivist approach and promoting teamwork, workshop attendees conducted a series of exercises with the aim of mapping viable strategies and projects that achieve a better interaction of the older adult within society.

Raising public awareness of the importance of the elderly, finding alternatives that facilitate the use of new information technologies in the elderly and reducing architectural barriers that impede the social interaction of this sector of the population, are some of the the points put to debate during the workshops.

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