About Us

International School on Neurotechnology

VLIR is a foundation that supports academic exchanges between universities in different countries at the aim of seeking innovative answers to global and local challenges. The Cuban Center for Neuroscience (CNEURO) will carry out this international project.

CNEURO is an institution authorized by the Ministry of Higher Education, to provide Postgraduate educational programs and holds the status of a Center for Lifelong Learning granted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. The activities of professional improvement, academic training and Scientific-Technical Information carry out by the center is managed by the Department of Teaching and Collaboration.


Postgraduate Training

Professional Training. In response to the needs for improvement and updating knowledge in the neuroscience field, the Center has a varied offer that includes different forms of professional development (courses, conferences upgrade neuroscience, workshops, training and diploma).

Academic Degree. Has a long experience in academic postgraduate training. This work focuses on the development of a Master in Neuroscience program and the Doctors in Science training mainly through tutors.

Who we are

The Cuban Center for Neurosciences, CNEURO, began as one of the first groups in the world that used computers for the analysis of the brain electrical activity. It is today one of the institutions dedicated to basic and applied research, as well as the development of high technology for the diagnosis and intervention of problems related to mental health.

CNEURO’s research lines address issues related to the neurosciences: cognitive, social and experimental; clinical neurophysiology; molecular biology and neuroinformatics. Our mission is to promote and perform cutting-edge research and closed-cycle in the field of neuroscience, with a multidisciplinary approach to understand how the brain and diseases affecting the nervous system work.