2nd visit to the Home for the Elderly «Hermanas Giralt», Marianao

2nd visit to the Home for the Elderly

«Hermanas Giralt», Marianao. (May 16, 2018)

Participants: Mitchell Valdés Sosa, Hichem Sahli, Elsa Santos, Marlis Ontivero and Tania Aznielle

Interviewee: Dr. Leonor Gortázar, Home Director. Board of Home Directors


Visit of the specialists of the VLIR project to exchange with the specialists dedicated to the care of the elderly

Hichem gave his considerations of the importance of implementing the protocol for the realization of the tests to be reviewed by these specialists. The analysis of the march must be worked in order to evaluate the performance over time, the prediction of the event and the detection of its occurrence.

A tour of the place is made, visiting the place where the old women stay during the day and a bedroom.


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